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    MESBA's 38th Annual Monona Chili Fest! Saturday October 16th 11:00AM Winnequah Park Monona, WI

  • The entry fee is $125 and includes $75 grocery gift cards to each cook, and the cost of a banner with you or your business name on it, which will be placed above and behind each team’s cooking area. A table and workspace will be provided for each team.

    Please make checks payable to MESBA and mail to PO Box 6264 Monona WI 53716. All checks must be received by October 1st 2021.
  • • Entry form and fee must be returned prior to October 1, 2021.

    • The use of home-canned products and uninspected meat is prohibited.

    • Chefs must follow practices recommended by temporary restaurant guidelines of the Wis. State Division of Health.

    • All contestants are to cook at least 3 GALLONS OF CHILI – this will be enforced!!

    • Chefs must be ready to serve chili samples to the public and provide samples for judging by 10:30AM.

    • You may bring additional work surface with you.

    • Plastic sample spoons and sample cups will be provided. • Costumes, signs, and displays are encouraged and enjoyed by all ($75 – Best Costume prize)

    • Bring flyers to promote your business!
  • 1st Place, $250/ Trophy

    2nd Place $150/ Trophy

    3rd Place $100/ Trophy

    Best Costumed Team $75/Trophy

    Crowd Favorite! $250 /Trophy

  • Saturday October 16th 11:00AM Winnequah Park Monona WI