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Hi there, I’m Angela Keelan. Believe me, I know life rarely goes the way we plan. It can be very confusing. Like you, I’ve been through hard times. I’ve lost loved ones too soon and said goodbye to relationships I thought would last forever. But through it all, I’ve seen that it’s possible to experience success, joy and laughter even after heartache and disappointment.

When you feel lost in the journey of life, you need someone to help you navigate the way. I want to help you find your way so you can experience joy, peace, hope and contentment. I look forward to hearing from you.

Life Coaching (Solo or Group)

Angela Keelan Coaching & Consulting offers confidential, personable life coaching for business professionals and individuals who feel stuck in life. You determine your goals and together we’ll plan a route that will take you there.

Consulting (Personal and Professional)

When your goal is to feel hope, peace and satisfaction, you need a clear roadmap so you don’t get stuck along the way. An outside, unbiased perspective will give you clarity when you have a difficult decision to make.

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