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About Us

Monona East Side Business Alliance


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and foster an environment that attracts, supports and retains private-sector jobs, spurs economic vitality and enables quality educational opportunities for the area while always promoting and encouraging engagement with our members. With the help of our members, MESBA is committed to improving the economic future of our community. We are dedicated to propelling the Monona East Side community forward through sustainable and responsible business growth.

In pursuit of that mission, the Monona East Side Business Alliance offers a variety of networking events and professional development opportunities to connect and foster growth in our business community. We also advocate for business at all levels of government.


Board of Directors

We are governed by an 11-15 member board of directors, representing a diversity of companies, industries, and business interests. The board is actively involved in decision-making regarding our advocacy efforts, financial health, programming, and membership recruitment and retention.

Leah Hernandez – Board President

  • The Cozy Home
  • Originally from Jefferson, WI
  • Favorite part about the East Side:
  • The sense of community and desire for growth.

Ryan Ackerman – Board Treasurer

  • Monona Bank
  • Originally from East Side of Madison
  • Favorite Part of the East Side:
  • The small-town neighborhood feeling with easy access to the bike path.

Teri Erickson – Board Secretary

  • I love the hidden parks that could be anywhere! I also love that you can walk all the way around the lake starting and stopping in Monona. I also love the little shops like Booth 121 and The Cozy Home. Mr. Brews is my favorite burger joint, best burgers ever!

April Carlisle – Board Member

  • I love the people! I love that it is a beautiful community and that we all somehow know each other and if by chance we don't, we are excited to meet and support each other because that's how the Eastside works!

Aaron Pruefert – Board Member

  • It really has everything you need.

    Joe Long – Board Member

    • All the amazing restaurants!

    Shawn Nesbitt – Board Member

    • How friendly everyone is.

    Karen Bosold – Board Member

    • Community Member
    • Originally from Madison
    • Favorite part of living on the East Side:
    • All the local restaurants.

    Jordan Dominguez – Board Member

    • To help grow, and bring tourism, and smiles into the community. I am getting to know the people and local businesses. Working and being on the board with MESBA for a better Monona for our future leaders.

    Christine Welcher – Executive Director

    • MESBA
    • Originally from Bangor, WI
    • Favorite Part of the East Side:
    • The friendly small town feel with the convenience of a large city.

    Laura Hofsteen – Toursim Coordinator

    • Lots of public water access, a strong sense of community, and the best fireworks display I've seen anywhere in the country.

    The MESBA Logo

    The MESBA logo was designed by Kristie GoForth with two different possible perspectives in mind.

    The Forward Together Arrow

    The Forward Together Arrow logo embodies our unified business community, symbolized by an arrow moving forward in harmony. It represents our collective strength and resilience, showcasing how collaboration fosters progress. Each triangle within the arrow signifies the diverse sectors of businesses and individuals contributing to our shared journey. Inspired by the rich Native heritage of Monona and its connection to the Ho-Chunk people, the triangles pay homage to the traditional artistry of Native cultures, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and honoring the land on which we thrive.

    The Fish

    The Fish icon embodies the essence of unity and collaboration within our business community. Inspired by the synchronized movement of a school of fish, the shape symbolizes strength in numbers and mutual support. Just as fish swim together for safety, we thrive when we unite and work collectively. The vibrant array of colors within the icon reflects the eclectic nature of our chamber’s member businesses. Together, we harness our collective energy to propel us forward as a cohesive force.

    Download MESBA Logos

    Are you a MESBA supporter? We love to see our members featuring our logo on their websites and on their marketing materials. Below are a variety of high-resolution and low-resolution logo files for our members to use. Please contact us if you have any questions or give us a call at 608-416-1610.

    JPG Versions

    PNG Versions