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Due to Covid-19, we kept our tournament to under 25 participants. Even though it was a smaller group, we received positive feedback that many had fun and new connections were made!
Pictures can be viewed here via MESBA’s Facebook page.

What did you miss…
It’s time the greatest sport in the history of the world got a tournament. If you have what it takes, pay us $20 and reserve your spot in the arena among the mightiest warriors as they toss bags. The victor will receive a growler, a gift card, a trophy and eternal glory. 2nd and 3rd place also get some prizes too. And slightly less eternal glory! All tickets include entry to compete and one All American Cheese Burger from Mr. Brews in Monona!

So get your tickets and join your fellow gladiators September 24th at 4:00 at Mr. Brews in Monona!

  • $20 affords purchaser participation in the tournament and one All American Cheeseburger from Mr. Brews in Monona. Equal value substitution available upon request.
  • Pre-registration required. No on site registration will be permitted.
  • 1st place to receive one $20 gift certificate to Mr. Brews and one filled growler. 2nd place to receive one $15 gift certificate. 3rd place to receive one $10 gift certificate.
  • Elimination style tournament.
  • Each round will consist of two players. Round is won by obtaining 14 points. Ties will be resolved with a sudden death round.
  • All decisions and match rulings are the purview of MESBA, Mr. Brews Monona and their authorized representatives.
  • Rules subject to change.