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The Barrymore still needs your help.
Thanks to you, the Save Our Stages Act passed in the House of Representatives — but as you may know, it’s not law yet. We’re pushing to get it included in the next COVID-19 Relief package, which is being negotiated now – and we need your voice (again) ASAP.
The situation gets more dire with each passing day. With no emergency relief, hundreds of venues have already shuttered forever, through no fault of their own.
Even if you’ve done it before, can you please take 30 seconds to remind your Congressional representatives that you want them to pass the next COVID-19 Relief Act now and include crucial assistance for independent venues and promoters. Just click here to Save Our Stages.
When legislators hear from you it makes all the difference – and can help us get this across the finish line. On behalf of the nearly 3,000 members of the National Independent Venue Association, thank you for your continued support.
You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone…