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Center for a one-day digital marketing conference brings together four marketing experts in one place to help you advance your digital marketing strategy. Sessions are offered in a live virtual format and are designed to give you the opportunity to dig in and make progress on your work.

A Disciplined Approach to Marketing Success
Are you a start-up or small business trying to get a handle on your marketing efforts? Do you know how to cut through the clutter of all the digital marketing and social media opportunities out there? In this hands-on workshop, we will draft business goals, understand the difference between a marketing strategy and marketing plan, and develop some basic content for digital marketing and/or social media platforms.
Sarah Hurley
8:30am- 10:30am
Social Media in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Voice-First With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence and Voice-First devices, the way that we think about social media and generate content is about to change. AI and Voice-First aims to help integrate with social media to help parse through the noise and aid marketers in developing content that can truly resonate with audiences.Nick Myers
10:45am- 11:45am
Direct-to-Camera Video Video can be a dynamic way to attract an audience on social media. However, many times the video taken on smartphones come out shaky, with bad audio, bad lighting, and a terrible thumbnail of you looking confused. Spend some time with Bob Trondson, producer/director at Clouds North Films, for fun tips and ideas for inexpensive gear you should have to make your DIY messaging engaging and exciting. This fast-paced session will be filled with laughter and insight to help your efforts in getting your message and your brand out to the world.Bob Trondson
1:00pm- 2:15pm
Purpose-Driven Storytelling for Your Business The story of your business will be told—whether you tell it or not. In order to avoid customer misunderstanding and market confusion, responsible businesses must learn what makes a story “stick” for an audience. Storytelling is the way we create meaning in all aspects of our lives, and this course will help you determine how to use that innate framework to bring life to your organization.Dave & Michael Neelsen
2:30pm- 4:30pm

Date: December 8
Time: 8:00an-4:30pm
Price: $299


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