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Josh Prior and his wife Ruth are co-owners MKG International Martial Arts Madison. Josh has been training martial arts for over 18 years.

MKG International Martial Arts Madison is one like no other in martial art and kickboxing school/gym in the Madison Area! Our qualified instructors demystify martial art training to create an atmosphere that is fun, welcoming, and ego-free. Adult classes are also available.

Below is an example of our Class Schedule. We have online and In-Person Options!

4:30 pm – MKG HQ Footwork class (Zoom)
5:00 pm – Guro Rick Faye Kali class (Zoom)
5:00 pm – Train Along with Guro Rick at MKG Madison (In-Person)
6:00 pm – MKG Seattle Youth Martial Arts (ages 7-14) (Zoom)
6:00 pm – MKG Madison Phase 1 (Zoom and In-Person)
7:15 pm – MKG Seattle HIIT Kickboxing (Zoom)
8:00 pm – MKG Seattle Phase Class (Zoom)
9:05 pm – MKG Seattle Muay Thai / Kickboxing (Zoom)

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MKG Martial Arts Madison
4614 Femrite Drive
Madison, WI 53716