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It’s getting harder to find employees these days, and companies across the U.S. are looking for new sources for recruiting talent. Forward Service Corporation, founded in 1979, can be your place to get the workers you need. We train thousands of people every year who are hungry for careers and come with the skills for success.


Gain access to thousands of job seekers and services that will save you time and money in recruiting. We have more than 40 years of employment and training experience, and it’s 100% free to you.


Prescreening Candidates

We carefully select the best candidates to ensure a great fit for your openings, schedule, and company culture.

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Setting Up Interviews

Make scheduling a breeze by coordinating interviews through our team. We’ll ensure our candidates are on-time and ready to impress.

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Work Experience

We arrange on-site work experience, so you can see potential candidates in action while they practice useful on-the-job skills.


After-Hire Support

Our support continues even after you’ve made a hire, with training, feedback, and on-the-job resources to ensure they’ll stick around.

How can we get qualified candidates by working with FSC?

Our participants have the motivation, resources, and skills you’ve been looking for.

When people enter our programs, they’re hoping for the good, solid careers you provide. Although money is definitely important, our job-seeking process goes a step further by targeting each client’s career and personal goals. This is the heart of their motivation, and it’s how you can be assured that they’ll diligently work to impress you every day.

Every participant is pre-screened to ensure the right fit. This includes matching their skills, interests, and personality to the career before we ever send them your way. This means we’re only sending you candidates whose heartfelt desires match your company, culture, and interests.

We also stick with our clients after hire, to ensure they have all the resources they need to succeed. If there’s anything keeping them from being the best employee possible, we’ll work together to turn that around. Whether they need to get professional work attire, find the means to get to work on time, or learn new skills, FSC is here to help.

Speaking of learning, we strive to equip each client with the hard and soft skills to maintain long-term careers. If you haven’t already seen our growing array of in-house learning opportunities, check out FSCtraining.org for a treat. It only takes a glance at our course lists to see that skills training is at the core of our programs.

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