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How Wisconsin Businesses and Nonprofits Can Increase Efficiency with AI

According to a recent MIT study, ChatGPT can boost productivity by a whopping 40%, and quality by 20%. If that sounds good, join us on June 6th at 12pm, for a Dane Buy Local event presented by Sam Leary of Marketini Media, “How Wisconsin Businesses and Nonprofits Can Increase Efficiency with AI,” a program that will introduce attendees to the benefits, applications, and best practices of AI for your business or organization!

There are a lot of misconceptions about AI. It isn’t a silver bullet. It isn’t a magic spell that will solve all your problems. But it is a tool that’s changing how small teams get work done, and if you know how to use these new tools, like ChatGPT for instance, decision-makers and their workforces can save time, energy, and money. That’s the purpose of this program: to help Wisconsin professionals do more in less time and get up to speed on cutting-edge technology.

Topics discussed will include the following:
● A Quick Introduction
● Potential Security Risks
● Why Chatbots are Popular
● How Chatbots Work
● Small Business Examples for Efficiency
● Nonprofit Examples for Efficiency
● Different AI Programs

Sam Leary is an expert in many things digital: content strategy, marketing, and AI prompt engineering. By the end of his short presentation, you’ll be ready to leverage the tools that everyone is talking about for success in the digital world.

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